How Do I Register?

There are two methods of signup (OTP- with mobile phone or normal signup)

For Normal signup, click on ‘signup’ choose between provider(professional) if you provide a service or customer if you want to post a job. Enter your name, email, username, password and phone number if you are a provider/professional, also choose category and package if you are a provider/professional, then accept the terms and condition and click ‘signup’

For OTP signup, click on signup, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘signup via OTP’, then click signup, put your first name, last name, click the country code tab and select your country code, tick your role (provider or customer) and then click sign up. You will be texted a code, put the code on the textbox and verify.

How to create a post?

Please check thishttps://youtu.be/_kWwVAQWENQ

Do I Pay to post a job?

No, customers post jobs for free.

How does it work?

A customer posts a job for free, the job is then published to professionals who provide such services as described by the customer.

Must I as professional/provider pay to sign up?

No, professional/provider signup for free. We use credit/membership system. A provider/professional buys credit that they can use to accept jobs from customers.

Does credit expire?

No, credit don’t expire

Can I contact customer support?

Yes, use the contact form.